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Fuji 18mm f2 lens for Fuji X Mount Cameras
Fuji 18mm f2 lens for Fuji X Mount Cameras
Fuji 18mm f2 lens for Fuji X Mount Cameras


SALE! Brand New Boxed Fuji 18mm XF f2 lens for Fuji X Mount Cameras

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Fuji 18mm f2 lens

This is a brand new Fuji 18mm f2  lens for Fuji X Mount Cameras
This is one of the best bargains you can get for a small, lightweight, high-quality, general purpose Fuji X lense. It is one of the  best fuji lens for travel. And still one of the best fuji lens to own  Many talented photographers use it on their travels as their primary lens. Lookup "Fuji 18mm f2, Where is the Love?" on Google Search for some interesting views on the lens!

Capture every moment, even in low-light environments, with the Fuji 18mm F2 lens. Weighing a mere 116g and small in size, the “pancake” "Fuji 18mm F2lens is easy to bring on all of your photography adventures. The lens boasts a fixed/prime focal length of 18mm and a wide angle lens (equivalent to 27mm in 35mm format), allowing the photographer to stand close to the subject and delivering razor sharp images and high-resolution right to the image edge. An excellent lens for street photography, landscapes, and interiors, the Fuji 18mm f2 lens provides minimal barrel distortion and allows you to focus with ease at lightning speed, improving the quality of your images. This compact, wide angle lens contains seven aperture blades and delivers outstanding performance in low-light environments allowing you to capture every important  moment.

Warranty Information:
Our lenses are sourced from Thailand, so the warranty is valid in Thailand only. However, if there happens to be a fault with the lens, we will send it to the repair centre in Thailand free of charge.

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Fuji 18mm f2 lens

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